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German Speaker Steffen Seibert: "German Government is currently based on fuel tax "

German Speaker Steffen Seibert: German Government is currently based on fuel tax

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BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The fuel tax is to play according to the plans of the Federal Government for a contribution to the energy savings package on a central role. However, it remains to be seen whether a different solution may also come into play . ( Reuters photo :)

The planned for this volume of EUR 2.3 billion was to be dealt with in the Budget Support ", with which the Cabinet on 1 September will deal , government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Friday.

"Currently, we are assuming that this is a fuel tax , but there is also the parallel negotiations, " he said at a press conference in Berlin. "It will be decided until the meeting of the Cabinet, which of the two solutions comes to fruition, or whether possibly the negotiations will continue, "said Steffen Seibert.

When asked whether additional charges were excluded on the possible fuel tax addition for the economy, he said only , the see of the government to be adopted energy may also happen that the term would be extended from nuclear power plants, "and then join as other issues at .
A spokeswoman for the Federal Environment Ministry, said at the same press conference, this issue should the terms of the coalition agreement are met. "As currently foreseen, must be present if the term extension is room for an additional of profits , " she demanded. The Union Group Chairman Volker Kauder had previously spoken out against a further burden the energy industry.

To an open letter from business leaders and other public figures to Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU ), which require such "courage and realism for Germany’s energy future , "said Seibert : " The Chancellor sees this ad a perfectly permissible discussion. "
However, Seibert pointed back the charge that the proposed energy will harm the economy.

"One of the intentions of the energy is to find an energy mix that makes this more industrial land to create companies with business and the prosperity to which we have accustomed us, "he said. The federal government would " an energy of reason on its feet , "and the energy is propagated should be safe, clean and affordable.

- By Andreas Kissler , Dow Jones Newswires
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